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We have started a blog. Why? To share our lives with the many family and friends who don't live near us. Seems over the years everyone has scattered. (Or rather, we have scattered) Shane's Family in Idaho and Ginger's Family in Wisconsin. There are also the wide range of friends, all over the country, we have made through TurningLeaf seminars. We thought this would be a nice place to keep the world informed of our lives. (Those who dare, anyway!)

Fork in the Road

Ginger Writes "Shane and I spent Friday together... Hung out in St George, did some shopping and then came back to Cedar City to start organizing the garage for our upcoming yard sale. We went through a lot of my boxes and it stirred up a lot of memories. I am floored at how much emotion can be placed into objects. We put a lot of these objects into the "Yard Sale" pile and others threw away. I felt a little like those people on the show Hoarders when asked to part with something.... Pure Terror. As if I am about to lose something. It was emotionally draining and by the end of the night we were both ready to just collapse. The next day I was driving back down to St George and realized my mind was still on all the stuff in the "yard sale" pile. This is what started me back in on some thoughts that have been racing through my mind for weeks and then the remainder of this weekend. I have come to several of these moments in my life where a choice needs to be made. In the past I have been very Black and White about these choices. Very this way or that way! And I realized this weekend I am about to do the same thing again. Not with my stuff which triggered all these emotions.. But with the relationships in my life. I feel blessed that I recognized this before I made a "Black or White" decision because I love what my life has become. And instead of shifting it yet again just because I see myself in a fork in the road... I am going to add to my life instead. I know I am being very vague on what I mean by all this.. But the point isn't really what the situation is rather then the lesson I learned this weekend. Why shift away from a good thing when I can embrace many good things. There are times when I think "Here comes a fork in the road" where I have to make a choice. When really it is an opportunity for me to take both roads at the same time because all along they are running right next to each other. The trap I am going to start to be more aware of is how I justify in my mind the road I rather take by degrading the other road. It is not necessary and only blocks the truth of what is really there. I am grateful for this blog. To be able to send my thoughts out into the universe! Who knows if any of it makes sense to anyone else. But it makes sense to me, so that should count for something."

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