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We have started a blog. Why? To share our lives with the many family and friends who don't live near us. Seems over the years everyone has scattered. (Or rather, we have scattered) Shane's Family in Idaho and Ginger's Family in Wisconsin. There are also the wide range of friends, all over the country, we have made through TurningLeaf seminars. We thought this would be a nice place to keep the world informed of our lives. (Those who dare, anyway!)

Bring it on!!!

Ginger writes "I am excited that Shane and I will be going camping this weekend and even more excited that my back will be fairly up for the trip. Shane has been working like a crazy man the last few weeks and this trip will be so good for us. First camping of the new year!! We will be staying at a camp ground in the Gorge, which is so amazingly beautiful. It is only about a 20 min drive from St George which is one of the many reasons I love this place so much! I am also excited to spend some time with Shane's good friends. I have heard lots of stories of good times, it will be nice to create some new memories with them all. We will post some pics for everyone's enjoyment.

My P90X adventures continue. I am doing it with my Best Friend and since she has to take her son to school and head into work by 745 (or maybe it's 7:15) We have been getting up really early to get our hour "plus" workouts in. I am indeed impressed by the program. It has kicked my butt so far, but well worth it! I know I will make it the full 90 days and excited to see the results. They suggest on the program to take some before and after pics, so I will see if Shane can help me with that this weekend. One week in shouldn't be to bad. Maybe if I feel brave enough I will post them after the 90 days. I am not sure I will have the same type of results as on TV because I am not following the nutrition guide but I am aware of what I am putting in my mouth and drinking lots and lots of water. I have noticed that some of the before and after pictures of the people on the website are after they do 2 to 5 rounds of this program. So, that was a little discouraging... BUT the fact that I am even exercising in the first place is pretty exciting for me.

Ok, off to bed. I shouldn't be up this late in the first place. Workout in 6 hours. At least I get to take a nap afterward. My BFF doesn't, so I refuse to complain."

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