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We have started a blog. Why? To share our lives with the many family and friends who don't live near us. Seems over the years everyone has scattered. (Or rather, we have scattered) Shane's Family in Idaho and Ginger's Family in Wisconsin. There are also the wide range of friends, all over the country, we have made through TurningLeaf seminars. We thought this would be a nice place to keep the world informed of our lives. (Those who dare, anyway!)

Help me stay accountable

Ginger Writes "The weekend is quickly arriving; I thought I would take a few moments before I start my official work day to write out a few updates. My back is still giving me trouble. In fact it has felt like it is getting worse. BUT I was reassured today by Dr. Sorenson that this is normal. (I noticed I have been spelling his name wrong, he is not related to Shane and it is spelled “SON” at the end, Shane is “SEN”) So anyway, he gave me some exercises to start doing to help build up my back. And in a few weeks I should be feeling some great relief. I will be starting that right away.

Katy (My Niece) is coming up this weekend from Vegas, Shane and I are meeting them in Mesquite tonight and she is staying for the weekend. I am pretty excited!!! We are hoping to hit a few movies. Her passion for the movies seems to be similar to mine and for that I am very grateful. It will be a blast. I was planning to wait until Monday to start the Power 90 program (Still waiting on the bands in the mail) but I might see if she wants to start with me for the few days she is here. I am pretty motivated, even more today when I got on the scale this morning and hit my all time high weight of 185. I know it is all relative to each person, but for me this is unacceptable. The last time I hit 184 it through me into a workout kick and I lost 35lbs. So, I am determined this will be the same. It’s no wonder I am having back issues. My body is yelling at me for not taking care of myself.

So here is my question of the day. Why is it when we know what we need to do to feel better, we put it off. Why do we continue to maintain old habits we know slowly kills us everyday? I wish I had the answer to this question because there are so many things in my life that fall under this category. I finally feel like I am starting to recognize them and fight to shift them, unlike before when I knew, but justified all the reasons to ignore them. Like drinking Caffeine when its proven to be one of the worst things for PCOS. But yet even now with Caffeine, my mind is still fighting me. Everyday I am craving a Diet Coke, when my physical symptoms are now passed. Those types of things are psychological. It is amazing just how powerful our minds are. The last 4 years I have overcome a lot of emotional triggers in my life, and feel relieved to be more grounded emotionally. So now I am going to take on the physical stuff with the same motivation. The fun part now, is I have Shane to do this with me… The timing of him coming into my life can only be described as "God Sent". So, Bring it ON!!!!!!!!!!!

I will keep you all updated on the progress. Like I said in my first blog, sharing is what will keep me accountable so if you have read this far… thanks a million times over for your support!! If I have learned one thing in the last few years, it is to NOT keep your struggles to yourself. Your family and friends are waiting to help."

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